UPGS Conference 2014


6-7 PM, Friday 5/2/2014
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    Listen to Mark Olsen as he explores MyHeritage.com's use and features, and powerful matching technology.

Advancing Your Polish Research

7-8 PM, Friday 5/2/2014
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    Sonja Hoeke-Nishimoto will present helpful websites that will guide you to find digitized records, and useful resources for Polish genealogical research in addition to discussing record types of the three Polish partitions.

Maps & Gazetteers for Genealogy

10:15-11:30 AM, Saturday 5/3/2014
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    Learn or refresh the “hows and whys” of using gazetteers and how they will help you in your Polish research by finding your correct locality. Maps and other location-finding tools will be discussed helping you locate those elusive ancestral villages and misspelled place names - presentation by Sonja Hoeke-Nishimoto.

Creating Your Personal Family History Website

2-3:15 PM, Saturday 5/3/2014
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    Come watch, and listen, to Josh Taylor as he takes you step-by-step and creates a personal family history website from scratch! Elements of the website (data, documents, pictures, etc.) will be created, formatted, and uploaded and go “live” during the lecture.

Immigration Agents

3:30-4:45 PM, Saturday 5/3/2014
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    During the time period 1840s – 1900 many states in the Union competed for immigrants and settlers. Learn how state agents, working with shipping lines, recruited future citizens both at U.S. ports and in villages and towns in Europe; learn about the record sets they created - to be presented by guest speaker Ceil Jensen.

Notary Records in Poland

11:30-12:30 PM, Sunday 5/4/2014
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    Tadeusz Pilat will present a brief history of notary records in Poland, 13th–18th centuries. Despite different situations in each partition and variant rules, notaries almost all had the same responsibilities. They were obligated to record non-confrontational cases such as: last wills (testaments), inheritances, deeds, cessions, sales and purchases of all kind, premarital contracts, etc. Such documents can certainly be of great value and add to each family history a data which cannot be found in any kind of parish registers, metrical books, or civil registers.

New Tools & Ideas in Research

12:45-2 PM, Sunday 5/4/2014
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    The field of genealogy is constantly changing and evolving. Each day new techniques, resources, and tools are developed to assist in the quest for one’s ancestors. Join Josh Taylor to learn about new technological developments (including gadgets and gizmos), newly discovered resources for genealogical research, and more.

The Peasant & the Palace (Locating/Researching Manor Records)

2:15-3:30 PM, Sunday 5/4/2014
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    The manorial system was the organization of the rural economy and society throughout Europe. Records, maps, and histories of the manors help family historians expand their knowledge of their ancestors. This session, presented by Ceil Jensen, includes a survey of available European records and practical guidance to repositories. We conclude with the manorial records and the writings of the owner of the palace of Rogalin, Count Edward Raczyñski.

Partition Records in FHL & LDS Filming Projects in Poland

3:45-5 PM, Sunday 5/4/2014
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    Greg Nelson will show you how to investigate different record types and how to use various research methods for finding your ancestors in the territories that were the three partitions. The second part of the talk will cover the future of LDS record capture in areas encompassed by the Russian partition (Poland, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, and Latvia).

This is Women's Work

7-8 PM, Sunday 5/4/2014
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    Explore the records, traditions, and superstitions that accompanied our ancestors’ births with Ceil Jensen. This session explores the role of midwives in the 19th and early 20th century in Poland and ethnic communities in America. Ledgers, licensing, and newspaper accounts document the important role of the midwives.

Keynote: Family History in Pop Culture

7-9 PM, Monday 5/5/2014
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    The Keynote Address for the 2014 UPGS Conference will be presented by Josh Taylor. He will explore the world of family history as seen through music, television, and movies over the past 60 years.