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This index prepared by James Czuchra may be useful to some researchers interested in the parishes it includes.  It was prepared from filmed baptismal records. The dates provided here are birth dates. The index was prepared from LDS images, both on film and online, which are referenced in the index. Any returned data is sorted by surname and then the father's given name. PGSA does not have films for all the parishes listed. If you supply the record ID number when you place a request for a copy, PGSA will determine if it has the resources to complete the order.

by James J. Czuchra

The Birth Index is based on the filmed records of various parishes. These parishes are enumerated below. Be mindful of the in dates of inclusion because you will not find entries for births in this index outside of the given date range.

Parish Location Dates of Inclusion
Holy TrinityChicago, ILJun 1876-Dec 1915
St. Stanislaus KostkaChicago, ILOct 1869-Aug 1891
St. John CantiusChicago, IL1883-Dec 1915

Most of the index is prepared from microfilm copies of parish registers and the index will tell you which film the record is found on.

Even though the records for Holy Trinity Church began in the 1870's, it's important to understand that it was still part of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church. Therefore records labelled Holy Trinity are rather sparse until it achieved parish status in its own right in 1893.

If the index says "familysearch.org", the information was obtained from familysearch.org.

**** Data for this parish includes additional indexed data that may be of value but is not shown here. Find the page on this site for the location and conduct another search. The additional data will be displayed.

The Notes column is a catch-all for miscellaneous information not really intended for "public consumption". It is primarily an aid to my research. For example, I include the godparents of some individuals I am tracing. You may see the letter 'q' inserted into some names. This is my signal that the following letter is from the Polish alphabet. What value does this field have to anyone else? I left it in because it shows some alternative spellings that appeared in the record. It also may show names with question marks indicating the name is uncertain but for which some of the characters are legible. If there's a reference to bad writing, one or more names are uncertain and those provided are best guesses. Occasionally the note will say a name "was" something. This means the name was changed in the record. Often times this occurred when the priest made a mistake but it can sometimes provide alternative spellings.

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