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The Historical Atlas of Poland was compiled by Jozef Nowina Sroczynski (Gimnazjuin teacher) [a gimnazjum is sort of a secondary school, perhaps comparable to our high school; the initials C.K. indicate he taught at a school in the Austrian Empire, presumably in Galicia].

The atlas was published by W. Dyniewicz, Chicago, IL - approximately 1910.

Click on the link to see map. It will require about a 1/2 minute to load with a 56K modem.

  1. Atlas Cover
  2. Dispersal of the Slays as of 1900
  3. Poland during the reign of Mieczyslaw I, as of 992
  4. Poland during the reign of Boleslaw Chrobry, as of 1025
  5. Poland Divided by Boleslaw Krzywousty among His Sons, as of 1138
  6. Poland during the reign of Kazimierz the Great, as of 1370 (with Olgierd's Lithuanian holdings)
  7. Poland during the reign of Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk, as of 1496
  8. Poland during the reign of Stefan Batory
  9. The Partitions of Poland in 1772, 1793, 1795
  10. Duchy of Warsaw as of 1809
  11. Congress Kingdom of Poland and Current Division

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