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Brodnica County

The county of Brodnica is between 53 degrees 5' and 53 degrees 28' north latitude, and 36 degrees 33' and 37 degrees 36' east longitude in the regency of Kwidzyn. on the east it borders Lubawa county, Nibork county and the Congress kingdom; on the west it borders Torun county, Chelmno county and Grudziadz county; on the north it borders Grudziadz county and Lubawa county; it comprises 24.41 square miles or 526,573.98 morgs magdeburg, of which 8,172.33 are in public roads; 1,455.09 are in rivers and rivulets; 3,722.84 are in yards; 81,271 are in state domains (of which 74,268 are in forest); 15,963 are in cities; 160,963 (41,288 in forest) are in estates of nobles; 17,546 (345 in forest) in larqer non-noble holdings; 6,796 (120 in forest) in smaller folwarks; 174,656 (1700 in forest) in peasant villages. Forests all told occupy 117,721 morgs magdeburg in the county. For the most part they are found in the south part.

The county is a plain, interrupted only bv the valley of the Drweca and by small, deep ravines. The soils in the south part of the county are light, in places sandy and in the vicinity of the city of Gorzno clayey and mostly planted in rye and Potatoes. In the north part grows wheat on the qreater ranges. The most significant river is the Drweca, flowing here in a wide valley, covered by meadows. It flows from Lubawa county to the village Konczyki, from which right up to the village Szramowo it forms the border between Brodnica county and Lubawa county and at Szramowo it is completely within Brodnica county; it flows near Brodnica; often changing its direction here. Eiqht km from Brodnica at the village Kominy it enters the south boundary of the county (with the Congress kingdom). It flows between Golub in Prussia and Dobrzyn in the Congress kingdom, and not far beyond these cities at the village Krazno fully leaves Brodnica county. The Drweca is navigable for transporting trees for its entire length in the county of Brodnica. In addition to minor rivulets and streamlets, the Rypienica flows from the Congress kingdom into the Drweca in Brodnica county, flowing from Lavinoz to its juncture with the Drweca at the village Kominy, and the Branica enters the Drwqca at the village Dlugimost. From lakes at Brodnica flows north the Lutryna; 2 km. beyond Jablonowo it enters Grudziadz county, in which it enters the Osa. Lakes occupy a lot of area in the county. The more significant are: the so-called "Niskie Brodno" (lower Brodno), with which is united a whole train of long and narrow lakes north of Brodnica; the Szczygowo at Jajkowo, the Bachotek between Karbowo and Bachotek; the lake at Wondzyn and lakes at Lidzbark, Leszno and Samin. All cities in the county are tied to each other and with cities of neighboring counties by paved roads, here called highways. From Brodnica a highway goes 1) through Jablonowo to Grudziadz - 26 km in the county, 2) through Kowalewo to Torun - 35 km in the county, 3) through Lidzbark to Dzialdowo 34 km in the county, 4) to the border of the Congress kingdom 8 km in the coundy, and 5) to Nowe Miasto.

Source: Slownik Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego - Warsaw 1880

Submitted & translated by Gerald R. Schmidt, Pittsburgh, PA, gschmidt5090928@aol.com (Feb 2001)


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