Jedność-Polonia Death Notice Index Search 1926-1946

Jedność-Polonia was a Polish language publication in Baltimore, MD.  This online index is taken from the book, Index to the Obituaries and Death Notices Appearing in the JEDNOŚĆ-POLONIA: 1926-1946, which was compiled by Thomas L. Hollowak, and published by the Polish Genealogical Society of America in 1983.

The Maryland State Archives has the 1920-1946 microfilm of the Jedność-Polonia.  Inquiries by researchers may be made here (for a cost $25). It is also possible for a singular roll of microfilm (or the entire run) to be digitized and saved as a pdf.  A CD (or a series of CDs) is then delivered to the patron. The cost is $40 per roll.

Jedność-Polonia Death Notice Index Search

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Additional information about this index can be found in the introduction.