Basics of DNA Testing/Autosomal Testing

Date – Sunday, February 17, 2p-4p

Location – Algonquin Area Public Library, 2600 Harnish Drive, Algonquin, IL 60102

Attendance at the library is free and open to members and non-members. The presentation will also be offered as a free Webinar to members. To defray costs, non-members will be charged a $10 fee.

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Guest Speaker – Robert Sliwinski

Topic  Basics of DNA Testing/Autosomal Testing

Topic Summary – DNA testing for ancestry has taken off in the mainstream direct to consumer testing market. Although advertisements in today’s media are now commonplace, deciding on which test to take, which company to use, navigating DNA testing company websites, interpreting results, and contacting matches can be challenging. Let Robert from DNA Explorers demystify the process with easy to understand language, stories and humor to entertain and empower attendees with the information they need to better explore, what is on the market and their own DNA results to break down genealogical brick walls

Part 1: (30 minutes) The Basics of DNA Testing for Ancestry: This presentation covers DNA types, tests available, guide to the big three testing companies and what to expect for your money.

Part 2: (60 minutes) Navigating Autosomal DNA Results and Contacting Matches: This presentation covers the Family Finder and Relative Finder Test Results, Navigating Searches and Contacting Matches.

Bio– Robert Sliwinski, M.S. Biologist and Genetic Genealogist – DNA Explorers

Robert is the founder of DNA Explorers, a DNA for ancestry consulting service that provides easy to understand research reports for clients. Robert lectures in an easy to understand way (with a little bit of humor) on DNA testing basics to genealogy associations and clubs in the Midwest. He also creates slide presentations for family reunions so that clients can share their DNA results. Robert is a volunteer administrator for several projects at Family Tree DNA and has published articles in the Polish Genealogical Society of America’s journal “Rodziny.”

Robert can be found on Facebook under DNA Explorers.