Recently Added Databases, Phase 2.2

We have completed the third phase, Phase 2.2, of our new search engine launch and now have a total of 33 databases available online. The following 16 databases were recently added and are now available to PGSA members only.

  1. Birth Records – Medrzechow Church [People Birth, Search Category]
  2. Birth Records – Wisnicze District [People Birth, Search Category]
  3. Marriage Records – Kuryer Polski [People Marriage, Search Category]
  4. Marriage Records – Medrzechow Church [People Marriage, Search Category]
  5. Marriage Records – Wisnicze District [People Marriage, Search Category]
  6. Death Notices – Jednosc Polonia [People Death, Search Category]
  7. Polish White Eagle Association Death Claims [People Death, Search Category]
  8. St. Joseph County Indiana Deaths [People Death, Search Category]
  9. Combined Cedar Grove and St. Joseph Polish Cemetery Inscriptions [People Death, Search Category]
  10. Death Notices – Kuryer Polski [People Death, Search Category]
  11. Death Records – Medrzechow Church [People Death, Search Category]
  12. Family Trees of Immigrants to St. Joseph County Indiana [People Other, Search Category]
  13. 1903 Directory of Polish Businessmen in Chicago [People Other, Search Category]
  14. We, the Milwaukee Poles 1846–1946 [People Other, Search Category]
  15. Poles of Chicago 1837–1937 Index [People Other, Search Category]
  16. Polish White Eagle Association Non-Death Claims [People Other, Search Category]

Databases, Phase 2.1

With the completion of the second phase, Phase 2.1, of our new search engine launch we now have a total of 17 databases available online. The following four databases were added and are available to both PGSA members and to the general public as well.

  1. Death Notices (1930-1971), Dziennik Chicagoski [People Death, Search Category]
  2. Death Notices (1890-1929), Dziennik Chicagoski [People Death, Search Category]
  3. Haller’s Army [People Other, Search Category]
  4. PRCUA Insurance Claim Index [People Other, Search Category]

New Search Engine Launch Phases

Listed below are the databases we will be launching in four phases during the next few weeks, organized by “Search Category” and “Launch Phase”. The 7 Search Categories are intended to make it easier to locate a specific database based on its generic content. For example, data records associated with a person’s life-event (birth, marriage, death) are in an associated People Birth, People Marriage or People Death search category. The People Other search category contains census records, Jubilee book entries and other non life-events. The generic content associated with the Churches, Locations and Books search categories should be self-evident.

The primary goal of the Phase 2.0 new search engine launch is to introduce the redesigned search engine. A secondary goal is to provide a selected number of people-related (People Birth, etc.) databases for members to search and to become familiar with the operation of the Phase 2.0 search engine.

The initial Phase 2.0 launch intentionally includes selected data sets in the Churches category (2 data sets) and the people-related search categories (11 data sets). Phases 2.1 and 2.2 will incrementally release additional people-related databases while Phase 2.3 (the last phase) will release the Locations and Books databases. Note that the databases scheduled to be released in Phases 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 (see below) are not available online at this time. Once the Phase 2.0 launch is completed, we will be working to get the remaining data sets online as quickly as possible.

How To Use the New Search Engine

For specific how do I use the new search engine instructions, go to our “How to Use the New Search Engine” page.


Search CategoryLaunch PhaseDatabase Description
Churches2.0Archdiocese of Chicago Polish Parishes
2.0Jubilee Book Churches
People Marriage2.0Immigrant Marriage Database, St. Joseph and Laporte, IN
2.0Marriage Records, Minnesota Churches
2.0Marriage Records, Chicago Churches
2.0Marriage Records, Toledo Polonia
2.2Marriage Records, Kuryer Polski
2.2Marriage Records, Medrzechow Church (Poland)
2.2Marriage Records, Wisnicze District (Poland)
People Birth2.0Baptism Records, Minnesota Churches
2.0Birth Records, Chicago Churches
2.0Birth Records, Toledo Polonia
2.2Birth Records, Medrzechow Church (Poland)
2.2Birth Records, Wisnicze District (Poland)
People Death2.0Cedar Grove Cemetery Burials
2.0Death Records, Toledo Polonia
2.1Death Notices (1930-1971), Dziennik Chicagoski
2.1Death Notices (1890-1929), Dziennik Chicagoski
2.2Death Notices (1926-1946), Jednosc Polonia
2.2Death Claims, Polish White Eagle Assoc.
2.2Death Index, St. Joseph County, IN
2.2Combined Cedar Grove / St. Joseph Cemetery Inscriptions
2.2Death Notice Index, Kuryer Polski
2.2Death Records, Medrzechow Church (Poland)
People Other2.0Jubilee Book Index
2.0Census Records, Toledo Polonia
2.1Haller's Army
2.1PRCUA Insurance Claim Index
2.2Family Trees, Immigrants to St. Joseph County, IN
2.2Polish Businessmen, Chicago, IL (1903)
2.2Milwaukee Poles
2.2Poles of Chicago (1837-1937)
2.2Non-Death Claims, Polish White Eagle Assoc.
Locations (Towns)2.31907 Polish Map Index
2.3Gazetteer of Poland (1988)
2.3Gazetteer of Poland (1988 and 2009)
2.3PRCUA Societies
2.3Gazetteer of Prussia
Books2.3PGSA Book Reviews