Polish Researchers and Guides

The following information is a service to our viewers as to known genealogical researchers and guides for Poland and associated areas. It is not meant to be an endorsement of the indivduals or the services that they provide.

Polish Origins

We organized our first Genealogy Tour in 2004. Since then it has become our core competence and our biggest source of pride and passion.

We are team of genealogists, guides, culture and life lovers. As a licensed and insured tour operator we organize ancestral and historical tours all over Poland, as well as in Western Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Slovakia. All our guides speak fluent English and can read and interpret old records in Polish, Latin, Russian and German.

email: [email protected]
ph. +48 664 407 089

Genealogy Tour

Tomasz Szymkowiak
Located in: Wrocław
website: http://genealogytour.com/
email: [email protected]
mobile: +48 601-942-018

• Since 2007, we have been providing research and guide services covering Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus.

• Our research offers:
– Searching for civil and parish records
– Obtaining land and property records
– Getting copies of the original documents
– Etc.

• A unique genealogy service is working more like a private detective by visiting your ancestral villages enabling us to:
– Locate an original house or property and provide a photo of it today
– Find the cemetery and graves of ancestors
– Interview local inhabitants who might have known your ancestors
– Possibly discover and introduce you to relatives

• On your visit to Poland we can design and guide you on a personalized tour to the locations of your ancestral roots and assist in research at civil and church archives.

Your Roots in Poland – let us help you discover your Polish roots!

website : yourrootsinpoland.com/
email: [email protected]

We are historians, archivists and genealogists – apart from ancestral research we conduct trips to the land of your Polish ancestors – opportunity for your family reunion. We are based in Krakow but work all over Poland. We invite you for a free genealogical consultation!

Ancestral Attic Tours

website : www.ancestralattic.com
email: [email protected]

Provides on site genealogical research, live relations searches and private genealogical heritage tours in Poland since 1997.

Iwona Dakiniewicz

website : www.ipgs.us/iwonad/iwona.html
email: [email protected]

Provides genealogical research and tours in Poland.
Press correspondent of “Rodziny”

Kasia Grycza and Lukasz Bielecki

website: www.discovering-roots.pl
email: [email protected]

Provides genealogy, translation (Polish, Latin, German, Russian),photography
services as well as tours in Poland.

GeneaTranslat M. Kuczynski & M. Sokolowski
Probate Research & Translation Office

ul. Berensona 121B/1
03-287 Warszawa, Poland

website: www.geneatranslat.com.pl
email: [email protected]
phone: +48 22 487-98-58
fax: +48 22 741-59-14
mobile: +48 604 580 806
Over 15 years experience in:
– PGSA Member
– Polish genealogy research
– probate research
– Jewish research including Holocaust records.
Also available: guide services, translations

Heritage Tours and Genealogical Research

– Jakub Czuprynski
Mostowa 2
31-061 Krakow
website: www.guide-poland.com
email: [email protected]
mobile phone: +48 535 616069

Heritage Tours and genealogical research in Krakow, Galicia, Zaglembie, Katowica, Kielce-Radom area, Lublin province.

Maciej Jachymiak

email: [email protected]
We will help with Genealogy from the Podhale region. English & German

Ancestry Search in Poland – A.A.Watta & Co.

– Professional Genealogists
website: http://ancestrypoland.zohosites.com
email: [email protected]

Professional ancestry search services, specializing in Polish, Jewish and German family history.
– Access to all archives in Poland.
– Research on non-microfilmed records in Polish parishes.
– Contact and interview family and neighbours in Poland.
– Provide copies of original records and settlement papers.

Adam Jedryka

ul..Cienista 57/41
31-831 Krakow
email:[email protected]
phone: +48 126 414 794

Provides genealogical services in Galicia. Also works as an interpreter and guide.

Maciej Orzechowski

ul. Rogoziñskiego 17/2
37-700 Przemyśl
email: [email protected]
website: http://www.PolishDocuments.com
phone: 00 48 608 570 280
cell: 00 48 16 736 12 91

We perform genealogical research of State and Catholic Archives in Przemyśl, Rzeszów and Tarnów (south-eastern Poland). Also work as a translator and guide.


Aleksandra Kacprzak
Rybacka 14
86-300 Grudziadz
Mobile: +48 508 97 4045
e-mail: [email protected]
website: www.genoroots.com

Over 10 years experience providing full genealogical services in all regions of Poland:
– Expert at archival research. Speaks and reads English, Russian, and Polish. Also reads German and Latin. Provides complete translations of all documents.
– Tracks down living relatives and sets up meetings/reunions. Acts as interpreter as needed.
– Certified tour leader to organize and conduct personal tours for individuals or small groups.
– Graduate of the University of Nicolaus Copernicus-Torun with a degree in Archival Science.
– Completed the Utah Genealogical Society’s Eastern European Research Course in Salt Lake City.
– Member of the Polish Genealogical Society in New Britain CT (PGSCTN), the Polish Genealogy Society in Warsaw (PTG), and the Maloposkie Genealogical Society in Krakow

Halina and Andrzej Malecki

38 – 350 Bobowa 508/2

website: www.lemko.org/comm/malecki.html
email: [email protected]
phone: +48 18 3514 614

We are school teachers of Lemko (Carpatho-Rusyn) ancestry living in the Lemko area of southeastern Poland (Galicia area), close to the Poland-Slovakia border. Read, write, and speak Polish, Lemko-Rusyn, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, and English. We provide individual as well as group guided tours of southern Poland and Slovakia.

Grazyna Rychlik

website: www.guidingpoland.pl/
email: [email protected]

Genealogy services – research, translation, photography, finding ancestral locations, finding living relatives, ancestral travel as well as general travel in Poland. Besides work and personal interest in genealogy, I am a tour guide in Poland as well as a travel consultant.

— Association of Professional Genealogists, member since 2007
— Boston University Genealogical Reseach Program, graduate OL11 2013

Sebastian Blochowiak Past and Future

website: www.pastandfuture.pl/
email: [email protected]

Genealogy services – research, translation, photography, finding ancestral locations, finding living relatives. Specializes in the Gniezno Archive

Henryk Skrzypinski

ul. Kijowska 13/9
85-703 Bydgoszcz

phone: 011- 48-52-3427921

Is a tour guide, interpreter and genealogical consultant. He reads and speaks English, Polish and German. The best time to call is between 12 pm to 3 pm CST.

Jozef Taran

Genealogical Office GENEA
ul. Zadumana 1a m 182
02-206 Warszawa, Poland

website: mariusz.w.toruniu.pl/Newweb/index.htm
email: [email protected]
phone: +48 22 414 01 08

Professional researcher – I live in Warsaw, Poland and will perform research in the archives.

Tad – Tadeusz Wysocki

ul. Zeromskiego 4a/13
01-861 Warsaw

website: www.rootspoland.com
email: [email protected]

Provides genealogy research, translation (Polish, Latin, German, Russian, etc.), family roots, family search, search correspondence in Polish language, search service by phone with white pages, photography services as well as tours in Poland, all base locations search in Poland, virtual tours, in-depth research, hints on your family history, surname etymology, genealogy and heritage from Poland, Polish Heritage and Family Memorial Room, meeting all your requests, basing on our many years this kind of cordial help and experience.

Our references/recommendations: www.rootspoland.com/references.htm

Tomasz Laskowski

website: www.PoznanTours.com
email: [email protected]
phone: +48 509 315 913
(Voice Call/FaceTime/WhatsApp)

Fun & Tailored Experiences in Poland
Ancestry Tours

Ancestral Tourism in Poland

Daniel Paczkowski
website: http://ancestral-tourism.com/
blog: https://danielpaczkowski.blogspot.com
email: [email protected]
phone: +48 787 691 607

ul. św. Mikołaja 12/9
15-419 Białystok Poland

Licensed tour guidance and genealogy research services specializing in the northeastern part of Poland – podlaskie, warminsko-mazurskie, lubelskie, mazowieckie voivodeships – plus genealogy research services in Belarus and Lithuania. Research capabilities including vital records, notarial and court documents, press articles, cemeteries, on-site research with living relatives, etc.

The following persons have been recommended by the PGSM:

Chojnice/Leino Area
Stanislaw Frymark
[email protected]

Szczecin Area
Anetta Korowaj
[email protected]

Warsaw Area
Danuta Jampolska
Ostrobramska 78 / 114
04-175 Warsaw
Tel: +48 22 115 64 88
Mobile: +48 601 941 753
[email protected]

I live in Warsaw and have been conducting genealogical research throughout Poland for 17 years, for clients from around the world. I have a lot of experience in Galicia and Jewish research. You are welcome to correspond with me in either Polish or English.

Association of Professional Genealogists

Offers a range of genealogical services aimed to satisfy demand for finding missing, unknown beneficiaries or heirs.

Professional Genealogists specializing in Central and East European Genealogy.