New PGSA Website Launch!!!

We are in the final stages of development of the new PGSA website. In order to test the new membership system as much as possible, you may get some notices from the new site regarding passwords, membership status, or other. These will have reference to a site at , and this should be a signal to you to ignore this message for now, as it is regarding activity on the development site. This Friday we will launch the new version of the website and membership system. This will affect you in a few ways:

1. For security reasons, we cannot transfer usernames and passwords to the new system. Once the new site launches, your username will be your membership email address and your password will need to be reset. You can reset your password by going to the new home page, clicking the Log In link, then using the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen. Use your membership email address as your username, and check your email a few minutes later for the password reset link. If you don’t receive that email within 30 minutes, check your spam folder. Once your password is reset, you’ll be able to login to the new site and receive member discounts once again.

2. In this new version of the membership system, renewal will work a bit differently than it has in the past. We have transitioned all active memberships from the old system to the new. When your currently active membership expires, you will renew by going to the main membership page and signing up for the subscription that best suits you.

3. Please note that this is a new system for everyone, including site administrators. There will inevitably be some issues during the transition and we intend to address them all as quickly as possible. Please be patient with us as we are learning the new system and doing our best to serve you well.

Ultimately this is a more robust and reliable system, and we are excited to bring this to the PGSA membership base. In this new version of the site, we will not immediately have the database searches available, however that improved search functionality (the ability to search all databases through one unified search) will be available in October.

Again, we are excited about this transition and do ask for your patience while we launch the new website and assist you with any issue you may encounter. We will send another note to the membership base when the new system is live with more detailed instructions on how to reset your password and report issues. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]