PGSA 2019 Genealogy Tours to Poland

In response to the enthusiastic feedback from the membership survey, the PGSA is pleased to offer several genealogy themed tours to Poland in 2019. Based upon the survey, the top requests are for the Austro-Hungarian Partition of Galicia in the south, and the Prussian Partition in the west.


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Prussian Partition Tours

Prussian Circle12 daysMay 11-22, 2019CLOSED
Prussian Circle12 daysSeptember 7-18, 2019CLOSED
Prussian Head to Toe13 daysSeptember 9-21, 2019CLOSED
Prussian Poland11 daysSeptember 14-24, 2019CLOSED

Galician Partition Tours

Galician Circle              10 daysJune 5-14, 2019CLOSED
Galician Circle10 daysSeptember 18-27, 2019CLOSED
Galicia12 daysJune 9-20, 2019CLOSED
Galicia12 daysSept. 22 - Oct. 3, 2019CLOSED

Some Important Points

  • Theme: Genealogy and history form the basis of each tour. Thus, in addition to exploring the beauty and culture of Poland, you will visit national and church archives to learn what they hold and how to work with them, plus ethnographic parks to expand your understanding of what life was like for your ancestors.
  • Partners: Under our direction, the tours were organized by prominent genealogical tour companies based in Poland. Over the years, each has been used by PGSA members for individual research and personalized tours.
  • Group Size: To ensure maximum access to the expertise of your genealogical guide on an individual level, in addition to the benefit of a small group during lectures and presentations, tours are limited to 15-18 adults.
  • Archives: Our visits to archives will inform you of their collections and how to work them either in person or from home. Time and restrictions do not allow for actual research. However, before or after your PGSA experience you are able to append an independent, personalized tour with your guide for additional research and even visit ancestral towns. Note: These are of limited availability, so are first come first reserved.
  • Logistics: You arrange your air travel. The entrance and exit cities are served by several major airlines and partners. Ground travel is by air conditioned bus. Lodging is clean, comfortable and convenient. See the itinerary regarding meals that are included.
  • Added Travel: If you wish to see more of Poland on your own, you can plan personal travel around the dates of the  PGSA tour, making arrangements to join us at the appointed time and place, or leave us after its conclusion.

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