Polish Geographic Atlas

The Illustrated Geographic Atlas of the Kingdom of Poland

(Atlas Geograficzny Illustrowany Królestwa Polskiego)

Maps (from this 1907 Atlas published by J.M. Bazewicz in Warsaw) are all on the PGSA Website.

The maps were scanned and updated with coordinates so that they can be indexed.

Towns shown on the maps will be indexed and we have asked for volunteers to index a Powiat and return the information back to the Webmaster. All of the maps are now available to view. See the Powiat Map List which also shows the volunteers working on them.

The maps are high resolution maps. To download a lower resolution version of a map from this website, double click on the name of the Powiat listed in the Powiat Map List. Wait until the map completely downloads (high speed connections will take a few seconds while dial-up connections will be approximately one minute or so.). The map that you downloaded and saved can now be opened using your photo application.

The completed Website index will show the town spelling in the correct Polish font. The + symbol in the coordinates column indicates a church. The @ symbol indicates a post office.

The present index consists of over 8000 entries so far. These entries are what we have in electronic form. If you were a contributing indexer, see if your work is contained in this index. If it is not here and you still have the electronic file, please send it to the webmaster for inclusion.

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