Polish History

This section includes background information, which provides historic and geographic detail and context to your family research.

Polish Civil and Military History

A collection of sites dealing with Civil and Military History.

Polish Heraldry / Nobility

Translated Descriptions of Polish Villages and Provinces

Donated by friends and members, this is a collection of Słownik, Geograficzny, Królestwa, Polskiego, Innych, Krajów, and Słowiańskich translations which reveal the fabric of Polish life in the late 1800s.

Immigration to America

A collection of sites which document the immigration of ancestors to the USA from Poland.

Hallers Army Index

Also known as the Polish Army in France. This page documents the Polish patriots from America who fought for restoration of the Polish state in WWI. Includes a searchable database of recruitment records.

International Resources for Historic Research

Numerous sites to identify research data beyond the US. Organized by country and region.

Ethnic Organizations for Historic Research

Societies dedicated to ethnic research.