This list provides a few facts about each parish and any available information on parish records. The dates given for the latter do not necessarily indicate the availability of vital statistics registers, but the earliest known historical documentation found at the parish level. This could include correspondence with diocesan officials, a parish charter, or other administrative records.

Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka
38-250 Biecz
ul. Bpa M. Kromera 16-A
woj. Krosno

Nearby parishes: Binarowa, Wo~jtowa
Parishoners: 6,550
Localities: Biecz, Kleczany, Korczyna, Strzeszyn
Vital records: births 1777, deaths and marriages 1784

A fortification existed in Biecz since the 11th century. The settlement grew and the town was a county seat from the 14th-18th century. The parish was first mentioned in manuscript sources at the end of the 13th century. In 1395 a hospital was founded as part of the parish holdings whose construction was financed by local merchants and Queen Jadwiga. The parish church (Corpus Christi) was erected in the second half of the 15th century. It is of late Gothic-style architecture. Numerous works of art, including paintings and sculptures, can be found here. The rectory dates from the 1930’s.

Address: Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka
36- 105 Cmolas
woj. Rzeszo~w

Nearby parishes: Kolbuszowa, Trzeso~wka
Parishioners: 4,685
Localities: Cmolas, Hadykowka Mechowiec, Zarebki
Vital records: births 1695, marriages 1696, deaths 1786

The parish was founded by a group of knights in 1422. Prior to 1489, it served as a mission church to the parish in Mielec. In 1783 the village of Trqesqowka was separated from the parish’s territory and a new parish was created there. A parish hospital was founded in 1647. The stone church building was erected between 1957-1961 (Transfiguration). The old parish church remains as a filial church. It was erected in 1649 and enlarged in 1660. The parish rectory was constructed in 1908.

Address: Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka sw. Jadwigi
39-200 De~bica
ul. sw. Jadwigi 11
woj. Tarno~w

Nearby parishes: Pustynia, Straszecin
Parishioners: 13,964
Vital Records: 1784

The settlement of De~bica was first noted in documentary sources in 1326. In 1358 King Casimir the Great granted the locality a town charter. The parish church was founded by knights in the second half of the 13th century. The original parish territory once comprised the town of Debica and surrounding villages. New parishes established in the 1970’s and 1980’s reduced the size of the parish, which now serves the western portion of the city. The parish church was erected in the late 1500’s. It was renovated after a fire in 1705 and again in 1945, after being partially destroyed during wartime hostilities.

Address: Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka
33-224 Z~aro~wka
woj. Tarno~w

Nearby parishes: Zdziarzec, Radomys~l Wielki (daughter parish of Zdziarzec)
Parishioners: 1,200
Vital records: 1900 (mother parish’s vital records: 1869)

Although the village of Dulcza Wielka existed in 1508, a parish was not established here until August 1, 1938. The present stone church structure (Holy Trinity) was built between 1951-1956.

Address: Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka
39-307 Gawl~uszowice 22
woj. Rzeszo~w

Nearby parishes: Padew, Borowa, Domacyny
Parishioners: 3,155
Localities: Brzyscie, Gawl~uszowice, Kliszow, Krzemienica, Ostrowek, Rozniaty, Wola Zdakowska
Vital records: 1788

The parish was founded circa 1215. At the end of the 14th century its territory was divided and a portion was given to a newly-formed parish in Padew. In 1403 its land area was further reduced by the establishment of a parish in Borowa and again in 1951 when the parish at Borki Niziqnskie was erected. The wooden parish church (St. Wojciech) was built in 1677 by the Ossoliqnski family.

Address: Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka
38-300 Gorlice
Pl. Kos~cielny 1
woj. Nowy Sa~cz

Nearby parishes: Se~kowa, Szymbark, Kobylanka
Parishioners: 16,650
Vital records: births 1679, marriages 1776, deaths 1784

The settlement at Gorlice was granted a town charter in 1417. The parish was established in the late 1300’s. The current church (Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary) built between 1878-1892, was damaged during both World Wars (1915 and 1944) and subsequently restored. This was the mother parish for two others in the city established in the 1980’s.

Address: Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka
36-100 Kolbuszowa
ul. Narutowicza 6
woj. Rzeszo~w

Nearby parishes: Cmolas, Kupno, Przedbo~rz, Trzeso~wka
Parishioners: 12,185
Localities: Kolbuszowa, Kolbuszowa Dolna, Kolbuszowa Go~rna, Nowa Wies~, S~wierczo~w

The first mention of Kolbuszowa in historical sources in 1508 described it as a rural settlement. The parish was financed here by the Tarnowski family and erected in 1523. The parish was reduced in size in 1925 with the establishment of a parish at Kupno and again in 1929 when a parish was created at Przedbo~rz. The parish church (All Saints), built in 1750, was originally a baroque structure whose architectural style was altered by later renovations. The church was heavily damaged by fire in 1852. Significant improvements and expansions were made in the 1930’s.

Address: Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka
34-600 Limanowa
ul. S~wierzewskiego 1
woj. Nowy Sa~cz

Nearby parishes: Siekierczyna, Pisarzowa, Sl~opnice
Parishioners: 12,737
Localities: Limanowa, Lipowe, Mordarka. Sowliny, Stara Wies~
Vital records: births and marriages 1644, deaths 1725.

The settlement here was established by Ahacy Jordan prior to 1498 and originally bore the name “Jordano~w.” In 1565 King Zygmunt August granted the town a charter. The Jordan family was instrumental in the founding of the parish church in 1513. The parish lost territory after World War II as a new parish was erected in Siekierczyna. Also part of the village of Sowlina was transferred to a neighboring parish. The parish church (Our Lady of Sorrows), constructed of brick and stone, was built in the period 1911-1918, replacing the former wooden edifice.

Address: Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka
33-390, L~a~cko
ul. Ko~scielna 18
woj. Nowy Sa~cz

Nearby parishes: Jazowsko, Kamienica, Czarny Potok
Parishioners: 4,386
Localities: Czerniec, L~a~cko, Maszkowice, Szczere~z
Vital records: births and marriages 1786, deaths 1785

Originally the property of knights in the 1200’s, the village became the property of the Sisters of St. Claire in 1280. The parish was erected in the 1100’s, although there is no definitive documentation to support this estimate. In 1957 the parish’s territory was reduced with the establishment of a new parish at Wola Piskulina. The present stone church edifice (St. John the Baptist) was constructed in the early part of the 18th century.

Address: Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka
39-300 Mielec
ul. Hetman~ska 34
woj. Rzeszo~w

Parishioners: 7,714
Localities: Mielec, Pia~tkowiec, Wola Mielecka
Vital records: 1785

The village of Mielec was founded prior to 1229. In 1457 King Casimir granted the town a charter. The parish here was founded prior to 1428. Several parishes were formed from its territory over the centuries: Zgo~rsko in 1583, Rz~edzianowice in 1930, Mielec-Osiedle in 1947 and Trzciane in 1959. Currently the parish serves the west and south portions of the city. The parish church of St. Matthew, constructed between 1678- 1721 and financed by the Ossolinski family is a stone Baroque-style structure.

Address: Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka
39-453 Padew 226
woj. Tarnobrzeg

Nearby parishes: Gawl~uszowice, Domacyny, Jas~lany
Parishioners: 3,062
Localities: Ke~blo~w, Padew, Pierzchne, Wojko~w
Vital records: births and marriages 1673, deaths 1718

Financed by the royal court, the parish at Padew was erected in the latter part of the 14th century from the parish at Gawl~uszowice. The church (St. Bartholomew) is a stone structure built in 1886. It underwent restoration in 1947 following damage inflicted during World War II.

Address: Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka
33-130 Radl~o~w
ul. Biskupska 5
woj. Tarno~w

Nearby Parishes: Rudka, Zabawa, Zdrochec, Borz~ecin
Parishioners: 5,061
Localities: Glow, Leka Siedlecka, Niwka, Radl~o~w, Sanoka, Wola Radlowska
Vital records: births 1609, marriages 1670, deaths 1762

The parish at Radl~o~w was founded by the Bishop of Krako~w and is first mentioned in manuscript sources in 1326. In 1925 two new parishes were formed from its territory at Zabawa and Zdrochec. In 1942 Rudka was also separated from the original parish territory. The Gothic church of St. John the Baptist was built in 1337, financed by Bishop Jan Grot. In 1915 the church was severely damaged during wartime hostilities. By 1926 reconstruction and renovations were nearly complete, which not only repaired but enlarged the old church.

Address: Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka
33-225 Radomysl Wielki
ul. S~wiercze~wskiego 4
woj. Tarno~w

Nearby parishes. Dulcza Wielka, Zgo~rsko, Ruda, Zdziarzec
Parishioners: 2,050
Localities: Biesow-Ruda, Radomys~l Wielki, Wolka Dulecka
Vital records: 1599

Radomysl Wielki received its town charter from Stefan Batory in 1581. The parish, funded by Mikolaj Firlej, was established in 1599. In 1925 a portion of the parish’s territory was ceded to the new parish at Jamy. The church (Transfiguration), erected in 1779 with the financial assistance of Eliasz Wodzicki, was severely damaged in 1944. Rebuilding was complete by 1950.

Address: Parafia Rzyrnsko-katolicka
33-230 Szczucin
Rynek 1
woj. Tarno~w

Nearby parishes: Delastowice, Slipiec, Podgoszcz
Parishioners: 6,948
Localities: Da~browica, Lubasz, L~e~ka Szczucin~ska, L~e~ka Z~abiecka, Radwan, Skrzynka, Szczucin, S~widro~wka
Vital records: 1900

Territorially a large parish. the parish at Szczucin, founded in the late 1200’s, included 23 villages on both sides of the Wis~la river. In 1623 the parish at Sl~upiec was founded from its territory: Delastowice in 1950 and Wolka Mqedrzechowska in 1951. The construction of the brick church was begun in 1680 and not completed until the early 1700’s. It was slightly damaged during World War II and renovated in 1959-1960.

Address: Parafia Rzymsko-katolicka
34-603 Ujanowice 1
woj. Nowy Sa~cz

Nearby parishes: Z~miaca, Z~bikowice, L~ososina Dolna, Karnionka Mal~a
Parishioners: 1,760
Localities: Kobyl~czyna, Sechna, Strzeszyce, Ujanowice
Vital records: 1786

Blessed Kinga founded the village of Ujanowice in 1268 and the parish followed several decades later. In 1950 Jaworzno was separated from the parish and a new parish was erected there. The present church building (St. Michael the Archangel) was built in 1509-1526, financed by the Sisters of St. Claire in Stary Sa~cz. The church was renovated and expanded in 1870 and again in 1961.