(Move poster “Happy Thirteen”, 1938)


28w x 39.25h mounted on linen (30×41.25)

Condition: Some discoloration along folds, as seen in photo

Mr. Koziołek (Billy Goat) is very superstitious. One day he rises from bed by his left foot, breaks a mirror, confronts a black cat, and it is Friday the thirteenth. However, he is surprised to see in the newspaper that he has won the lottery grand prize. He immediately feels important, making a fuss with his colleagues and boss, ultimately losing his job. But, the newspaper made an error. His boss agrees to reinstate him as a “scapegoat”. When dissatisfied customers arrive, he calls Koziołek and “throws him out of work”, at which point the “Billy Goat” bursts into tears about his wife, six children, lamenting until the moved customer withdraws the complaint. However, one day a drunken Koziołek insults the client and loses his job for real. His neighbor and friend, orchestra conductor Bończa, worked in a revue but was dismissed because the star, Miss Lola, recommended her lover who is completely devoid of talent. She also saw to the dismissal of the dancer Hania because she was a better dance. And, Lola was the client Koziołek had offended.

The fate of all three is intertwined for good: Hania and Koziołek are unemployed, and Bończa plays is placed in a subordinate position to the lover. When the theater director learns about Lola’s romance with the conductor he throws both of them out of work. But then he wonders how the evening review is to take place?


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