Polish Parishes and Institutions

Archdiocese of Chicago — 1933


ParishesLocationPriestsTeachersReligious OrderPupils
Assumption BVMChicago210Holy Family of Nazareth557
Five Holy MartyrsChicago431Franciscan of St. Kunegunda1697
Good ShepherdChicago29Felician400
Holy CrossJoliet14St. Francis of Mary Immaculate193
Holy InnocentsChicago429Felician1845
Holy RosaryNo.Chgo.212Felician450
Holy TrinityChicago741Holy Family of Nazareth2170
Immaculate ConceptionChicago322Franciscan of St.Joseph1141
Immaculate Heart of MaryChicago29Holy Family of Nazareth308
Sacred HeartChicago322Felician1031
St. AdalbertChicago542Holy Family of Nazareth1680
St. AndrewCalumet Cty315Holy Family of Nazareth731
St. AnneChicago424Holy Family of Nazareth1114
St. BarbaraChicago323St. Joseph957
St. BlaszeArgo29Holy Family of Nazareth358
St. BronislawaChicago410Felician480
St. BrunoChicago212Felician602
St. CamillusChicago17Holy Family of Nazareth304
St. CasimerChicago545Resurrection1750
St. ConstanceChicago220Notre Dame646
SS. Cyril & MethodiusLemont16Felician182
St. FidelisChicago312St. Joseph605
St. FlorianChicago117Franciscan of St. Kunegunda760
St. Francis of AssisiChicago16Holy Family of Nazareth388
St. HedwigChicago545Holy Family of Nazareth2180
St. HelenChicago324Felician1340
St. HyacinthChicago532Holy Family of Nazareth1704
St. IsidoreBlue Island16Felician269
St. JamesChicago217Felician889
St. John CantiusChicago425Notre Dame1165
St. John of GodChicago427Felician1479
St. John the BaptistHarvey18Holy Family of Nazareth477
St. JosephatChicago516Holy Family of Nazareth856
St. JosephChicago429Felician1671
St. JosephChgo.Hts.18Franciscan332
St. LadislausChicago211Holy Family of Nazareth515
St. Mary of the AngelsChicago320Resurrection950
St. Mary of CzestochowaCicero319St. Joseph828
St. Mary of GostynDowners Gr.12Felician81
St. Mary MagdalenChicago319Felician963
St. Mary of Perpetual HelpChicago437St. Joseph1668
St. MichaelChicago435Holy Family of Nazareth1883
St. PancratiusChicago220Franciscan of St. Kunegunda930
St. Peter & PaulChicago318Felician1271
St. RomanChicago318St. Joseph873
St. SalomeaChicago28St. Joseph477
St. StanislausKankakee14Holy Family of Nazareth123
St. StanislausPosen14Felician214
St. Stanislaus KostkaChicago628Notre Dame1435
St. Stanislaus Bishop/MartyrChicago424Franciscan of St. Kunegunda1218
St. StephenChicago26Felician232
St. SusannaHarvey16Holy Family of Nazareth257
St. ThaddeusJoliet18Felician388
St. TheclaChicago17Resurrection255
St. TuribiusChicago14Felician194
St. ValentineCicero26Holy Family of Nazareth253
St. WenceslausChicago316Felician691
St. Wenceslaus (Dekoven St)Chicago14St. Francis of Mary Immaculate145
TransfigurationChicago14St. Joseph147
60 Parishes158 Priests1044 Teachers48967 Pupils
InstitutionsLocationPriestsTeachersReligious OrderPupils
Good Counsel High School (Boarding School for girls)11111 Felician Sisters, 2 lay teachers172
Holy Family Academy (girls)146Holy Family of Naz. + 3 lay teachers360
Holy Trinity High School (boys)11Brothers - Cong. of the Holy Cross238
Resurrection High School (Boarding School for girls)50 Resurrection Sisters + 22 Novices, 23 Postulants, 1 lay teacher112
Weber High School (boys)56Brothers + 6 lay teachers264
St. Hedwig's OrphanageNiles252Felician700 Children
St. Joseph Home for the Aged116Franciscan of St. Kunegunda166 Residents
St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital1100Holy Family of Nazareth4333 Patients
St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital - School of Nursing75 Students
Resurrection Fathers Novitiate417 Novices, 3 Postulants, 3 Brothers
General Motherhouse - Franciscan Sisters of St. Kunegunda1316 Sisters, 65 Novices, 30 Postulants
Resurrection Sisters NovitiateNorwood Pk50 Sisters, 22 Novices, 23 Postulants
Felician Sisters Novitiate & Training School2702 Sisters, 21 Novices, 28 Postulants
Motherhouse - Holy Family of Nazareth SistersDes Plaines1613 Sisters, 76 Novices, 15 Postulants, 15 Aspirants