Combined Cedar Grove & St. Joseph Polish Cemetery Inscriptions

Compiled by: Gene (Genevieve) Stachowiak Szymarek
Transcribed by: Jim Piechorowski – June 2008

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Gene and her late husband John F. Szymarek co-authored / compiled this work through the painstaking recording the names and associated relationships obtained by walking the cemetery grounds. In addition data received from families and other genealogical sources were verified and added as received.

With the permission of the surviving family and the knowledge and consent of the publisher, Heritage Books Inc. we have transcribed the two genealogical works developed by the sisters. Our purpose was not to copy every entry verbatim, but to provide the user with a tool to use the additional detail contained in the hardcopy book.

In addition the transcriber has added addition information related to village of origin, prior marriages or cause of death. Additional information obtained by walking the graves sites for another study was also included.

These original works (Cedar Grove Cemetery Inscription’s & St. Joseph Cemetery Old Section) are available at our local St. Joseph County Libraries for independent study or personal copies may be obtained by contacting:

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Heritage Books, Inc.
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Westminster, MD 21157-5026

Phone: 800-876-6103 or 231-537-4021
Fax: 410-558-6574
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In total nearly 10,000 gravesites are currently indexed. The database is refreshed quarterly to reflect gravesite or informational additions.

James F Piechorowski
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