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Getting Started in Genealogy – Sites and notes to guide your steps in developing and organizing your genealogical research
    House History for Genealogy – The history of family homes might add depth to your research
    Researching Passenger Ship Data – Tips about finding and using the documents
    Polish Census Data – From Pre-Partition to Today – An outline of what was taken about whom and when
Instructional Videos
    Where to Search for Polish Data – 20 min, RootsTech 2021, Kinga Urbańska, Your Roots in Poland (see Researchers & Tour Guides in Poland under Research Sources)
    Galician Ancestor Resources – 20 min, RootsTech 2021, Kinga Urbańska, Your Roots in Poland (see Researchers & Tour Guides in Poland under Research Sources)
    Preserving Your Precious Documents & Photos – 24 minute video on the basic best practices to storing and protecting original documents
    Alphabets       Latin      Polish      Polish-Pronunciation      German      Cyrillic      Cyrillic-Pronunciation
    Online Translation – Type, copy & paste, or drag entire files for translation         Google Translate        DeepL Translator
    Vocabulary – Polish/English word lists you will find very useful
        Church & Cemetery Names – Names of churches and cemeteries translated into English
        Illness – Illnesses and diseases that afflicted our ancestors
        ♦ Occupations – Common, and some not so common, means of support you will find in vital and other records (with word etymologies)
        ♦ US Polish Societies – Translation of society names and acronyms commonly found in US Polish obituaries
        ♦ Village Life – Words and phrases (with word etymologies) about people, occupations, things, etc. you might find in letters and documents
        ♦ Village Society – Terminology (with word etymologies) describing people and their socio-economic rank from serf to noble
        Vital Records – Additional terms you will find helpful for navigating vital records
    Writing to Poland for Records – Guide to writing requests in Polish for birth, marriage and death records
Surname Mutilation – To break some brick walls, learn how surnames were formed, changed and mutilated here and in Poland
Polish Culture
    Podhale…Rural Life (Video) – A personal encounter with the old ways that are fading into memory
    Polish Citizenship Application – An outline of what is needed to consider to apply for Polish citizenship based on ancestry
    Polish Heraldry – Learn about the unique nature of Polish nobility and heraldry
    Polish Skansen – Links to 32 Polish open-air ethnographic and folk museums
    Polish Traditions – Explore common and uncommon legends, traditions and holidays
World War 1 Research Guide to researching US World War 1 records