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FAMILY SEARCH – Wiki resources       Poland       Lithuania       Ukraine       Germany (Prussia)       Russia       Belarus
      The Wiki section of Family Search has an excellent collection of resources, references, aids and links organized by country. Poland is exceptional in the
      amount of information. Lithuania and Ukraine are also very good. Russia follows with Belarus having almost nothing at this time.

ARCHIVES       United States       Poland       Lithuania       Ukraine       Germany (Prussia)      Russia       Belarus

GENEALOGICAL SOCIETIES & ORGANIZATIONS – Other domestic and international Polish genealogical societies and organizations with web addresses

GEOGRAPHY – Sites to identify, locate and learn about ancestral villages, towns, parishes and diocese; and surname mapping & frequency
      Gazetteers (14)      Map Collections (29)      Village Search (16)      Parish Search (13)      Surname Mapping (7)
      Chicago Archdiocesan Polish Data – Histories of the Polish churches & religious institutions; FamilySearch microfilm numbers for Polish churches
      Galicia – Administrative Districts
      Słownik Geograficzny Translations – Growing collection of translations of the descriptions of towns and villages in this massive work
      US City Street Name & Address Changes – Steve Morse databases, select by city
      US Sanborn Maps – in the Library of Congress
      814 US Polish Churches with founding dates – Data sorted by Founding Date (1854-1997) and State-City

LIBRARIES – US, Great Britain, Poland

MUSEUMS – US, Poland


RESEARCHERS & TOUR GUIDES in POLAND – Description of services plus their contact information

TRANSLATORS & TRANSLATION GUIDES – Various locations and languages