Calendar of Events

PGSA: Visit the Polin Museum in Warsaw and its Research Resources

Event:PGSA Quarterly Meeting
When:May 16, 2021, Sunday -- 2:00-4:00 pm Central Time
Where:Webinar Only
Topic:Explore the 1000 years of Jewish history in Poland and its impact on Polish culture through an overview visit to the museum, plus learn about the various archives it contains and the research services it provides. Opened in 2013, the Polin Museum is among the top three experiences in Warsaw.
Speaker:Curators from the Polin Museum in Warsaw

PGSA: Guide to Researching Family Roots in Lithuania

Event:PGSA Quarterly Meeting
When:August 15, 2021, Sunday - 2:00-4:00 pm Central Time
Where:Webinar Only
Topic:From 1386, with the ascension to the Polish throne of Władysław Jagiełłó, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, to the final partition of Poland in 1795, Polish and Lithuanian history, culture and people have been intertwined not only diplomatically but through the movement of individuals and families in both directions. Migration between the two lands was motivated by war, partition, commercial opportunities, religion, intellectual exchange and commoners homesteading to build a better life. To this day, descendants of these Poles continue to live in Lithuania, and many descendants of Lithuanians populate northeastern Poland. Perhaps on the other side of that brick wall in your research lie discoveries in Lithuania. Whether your roots are Polish, Lithuanian or both, Laimonas will describe which records are available, what periods are covered, where they are located, and how to access them.
Speaker:Laimonas Gryva is a graduate of Vilnius University where he earned his Bachelor’s (1994) and Master's (1996) degrees in History. He began working as an historian of science as a researcher. Since 2008, Laimonas found his true professional calling as an independent genealogist. In addition to family genealogy, he is part of a small team that is developing the family trees of the signatories to the Lithuanian Independence Act of 1918. He is a member of the Lithuanian Genealogy and Heraldry Society. In 2018, the council of the society honored him as the first recipient of the “Best Genealogist in Lithuania” award.

PGSA: Conference

When:September 17, 18 and 19, 2021, Friday to Sunday
Two presentations each day
Where:Webinar Only
DETAILS COMINGProfessional genealogists and curators from Poland; Raffle entry with registration; and more.

PGSA: Visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum and Its Research Resources

Event:PGSA Quarterly Meeting
When:November 21, 2021, Sunday - 2:00-4:00 pm Central Time
Where:Webinar Only
Topic: The Warsaw Uprising Museum opened on the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of fighting. The Museum is a tribute to the resistance, lasting 63 days from 1 August to 2 October 1944, by the Home Army and the residents of Warsaw who fought and died for an independent Poland and to free its capital. Though Polish historians, to this day, debate the wisdom and logic of the Uprising against the Nazi regime at the moment, the event is pivotal in modern Polish History. It represents the deep will of the Polish people not only to survive, but to take action to liberate their nation. The presentation by museum staff will discuss the Uprising, the exhibits that illustrate the events on a day-to-day basis, and the accessible databases of the military and civilian individuals who were engaged in or affect by the event.
Speaker:Staff of the Warsaw Rising Museum