Surname Search – Poland

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General & National
Geneteka – Major Polish site. Search by selecting the province
Metryki – Several databases searched by province and parish
National Archives – Search engine for the national archives
Nobility & Gentry – Searchable indexes, biographies and records
Parafie – Parish details, contact data and records searched by the village of the parish (in Polish but intuitive)
Polish Genealogy – Search surnames and family trees (in Polish)
Poland GenWeb – Links to indexes for various villages & other links
Surname Distribution in Poland in 1990s – Prof. Rymut index identifies count by voivodship (in Polish)
Surname Distribution – Nazwiska w Polsce: Mapping of distribution and other data (in Polish)

Augustów Parishes – Index of christening, marriage and death records (click on GENEO for search engine)
Galicia – Several search engines plus other information
Małopolska Genealogical Society (PTG) – Variety of indexex (in Polish)
Podlasie – Excellent locator map for parishes to obtain links
Podlasie & Lublin – Indexes also include Greek-Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Jewish entries
Pomorze (Pomerania) Genealogical Society (PTG) – Index of christening, marriage, death and cemetery records
Pomorze (Pomerania-Western) Zachodniopomorskie TG – Indexes for western Pomerania
Pomerania – Martyred Police 1939-45 – Database of 562 members of the Pomeranian police killed during the Second World War
Poznan Project – Poznan Province: Marriage records index, 19th century
Słupca Powiat: Birth, Marriage, Death records – Słupca is about 40 miles ESE of Poznań
Warmia Project – Births, Marriages, Deaths with links to scans (Family Search)
Wielkopolska Province – Index of participants in the 1918-19 Greater Poland Uprising against German rule
Wielkopolska Province (BaSIA) – Index of births, marriages and deaths
Wielkopolska Province (WTG “Gniazdo”): Necrology – Death notices in the press, 18th-20th century (in Polish)
Wielkopolska Province: Priests from the 18th to 20th centuries – Birth, death, novitiate dates; parishes and positions
Wielkopolska Province: Prussian war losses 1866-1915– Drawn from newspaper lists and other sources (in Polish)
♦ Wisnicze District: Birth records – Wisnicze is about 30 miles NW of Katowice and 30 miles SW of Częstochowa
♦ Wisnicze District: Marriage records – Wisnicze is about 30 miles NW of Katowice and 30 miles SW of Częstochowa

Cities & Villages
Lublin Genealogical Society (LTG) – Marriage indexes for several parishes (in Polish)
Małopolska/Kraków – City Directory, 1925
♦ Mędrzechów: Index of Church Birth records – Mędrzechów is a village about 50 miles northwest of Kraków
♦ Mędrzechów: Index of Church Marriage records – Mędrzechów is a village about 50 miles northwest of Kraków
♦ Mędrzechów: Index of Church Death records – Mędrzechów is a village about 50 miles northwest of Kraków
Rzeszów, Galicia – Vital records index
Warsaw Home Army Uprising 1944 – Biographical information about the participants (in Polish)
Warsaw Home Army Uprising 1944 – Civilian victims in the uprising (in Polish)
Warsaw Home Army Uprising 1944 – Names on the Remembrance Wall (in Polish)
Małopolska/Kraków – City Directory, 1925
♦ Cemeteries – Sites able to be searched by name

Częstochowa-Radomsko Area Research Group – Database and search engine
JewishGen – Poland Collection – Premier international Jewish genealogy website
Jewish Cemeteries in Poland – Database and search engine
Jewish Records Indexing – Poland (JRI) – Indexing Jewish and other families living in more than 1400 shtetls
Łódż Ghetto Cemetery – Search by surname
Polin Museum Virtual Shtetl – Search towns, people, headstones; genealogy section by free registration

Cemeteries – World War I – Search by name; Collection of names from headstones of those killed in Poland during WWI
Cemeteries – Various Wars – Select the period or war to obtain a list of links for cemeteries and monuments often with the list of names, possibly unit and rank
Heroes of the Battle of Bzura River (Sep 1939) – Select region from the map then cemetery; Gives the location and often photos of memorials or lists list of names
Katyn Lists – Lists of names of those massacred in WWII at Katyn and also in Belarus and Ukraine.
Names on War Memorials, Cemetery Headstone, Death Camps, etc. – A collection from various villages and locations
Poles in the 1905 Russo-Japanese War – List of those from the Russian partition who fought, or were injured or killed
Recruitment Lists: Lublin Governate – Databases for the years 1890-1895, 1896-1898, 1903-1904, 1914