Index for Slownik Geograficzny Towns and Villages (H)


A manor farm in the Suwalki district, township Pawlow, Przerosl parish. It lies about 22 km to the NW of Suwalki between a lake of the same name and some nearby hills, in a picturesque setting, but the soil is rocky and infertile. In 1827 there were 8 houses, 120 residents. Currently there are 20 houses, 165 residents.

The Hancza holding belonged to Bogumil prince Mirski. It was later sold at auction and purchased by Wincenty Jankowski in 1844. Due to the power/strength of the purchase and sale contracts, it was transferred to Adam Karegi and remained in his family until 1876. Division of the holdings followed, and the manor farm of the name Hancza is currently the property of three Israelites.

The manor farm Old Hancza consists of 1000 acres open area, 380 acres plowed land and orchards, 160 acres meadow, 60 acres pasture, 380 acres woods, 80 acres unused. It has 5 brick buildings, 13 wooden buildings, ???? – 5 halves. Associated villages: village Dzierwany with 10 households and about 280 acres; village Mierkinie, 10 households, 260 acres; village Dziadowek, 8 households, 260 acres; village Zelazkowizna, 2 households, 70 acres; village Antosin, 7 households, 240 acres; village Stolupianki, 9 households, 290 acres; Jaczno settlement, 2 households, 7 acres; village Pogorzelek, 2 households, 60 acres; village Kramnik, 9 households, 390 acres; village Klajpeda Wielka, 8 households, 230 acres; village Nowe Mierkinie, 6 households, 11 acres; village Rogozajny, 4 households, 40 acres; village Lugiele, 16 households, 40 acres.

Hancza national forests in Sejno district encompass 33,000 acres in area and are divided into three guard/watch regions: Kalety, Lipiny and Podlipki.

Source: Slownik Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego – Warsaw [1882, vol. 3]

Translated by Peter Wessner, PSG Texas Polish Footprints, Spring 2001 Periodical


A manorial farmstead and settlement is in the parish and rural district of Kopciowo, Sejny County. It is 22 versts from the town of Sejny and has 2 houses and 18 residents.

Source: Slownik Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego – Warsaw [1891, vol. 2, pg. 219].

Translated by Dorothy Leivers, Hadlow, Kent, England, [email protected] (May 2004)