Jubilee Book List

As of January 28, 2013, the Jubilee Index has over 550,000 names listed from:

568 Jubilee Books and Parish Financial Reports
353 Individual U.S. Parishes
23 States

ParishYearsLocationIndexed By
All Saints1959Burlington NJDeloris Cieslewicz
Assumption1975, 82Florian MNDeloris Cieslewicz
Assumption BVMfin. 1944, 1954Chicago, ILSuzanne Hetland, Mitchelle Kmiec
Assumption BVM1937Detroit MICeil Jensen
Assumption BVM1942New Chicago INDeloris Cieslewicz
Assumption BVM1937, 63Pulaski WIDeloris Cieslewicz
Assumption BVM1928Pullman ILDeloris Cieslewicz
Blessed Sacrament1952Milwaukee WIDeloris Cieslewicz
Corpus Christi1948 Buffalo NYDeloris Cieslewicz
Corpus Christi1937Cleveland OHDeloris Cieslewicz
Five Holy Martyrs1934, 59Chicago ILDana Michel
Good Shepherd1958Chicago ILBarbara Bieszczat
Holy Cross PNC1987Brooklyn NYDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Cross1961, 86Minneapolis MNDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Cross1952New Britian CTDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Cross1978Baltimore MDBarbara Bieszczat
Holy Cross1994Salamanca NYDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Cross1941Trenton NJDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Cross Seminary1951La Crosse WIDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Family1976Cudahy WIDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Family1930Gary INDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Family1963Pittsfield MADeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Family1940. 42. 52. 77Pittsburgh PADennis Palaski
Holy Family1928Sugar Notch PABonnie Wallace
Holy Innocentsfin. 1925, 30, 55Chicago ILMitchelle Kniec, Theodore Fody, Connie Rawa
Holy Name1935West Stamford CTDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Name of Jesus1953, 78Stamford CTDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Name of Mary1928, 53Donora PADeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Rosary1934Taunton MADeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Rosary1928, 38, 78Baltimore MSDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Rosaryfin. 1934, 79North Chicago ILKen Nowakowski, Barbara Biezczat
Holy Rosary1928, 43Passaic NJDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Trinity1935Beaver Falls PADeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Trinity1918, 56, 73Chicago ILMaggie Bielarczak, Barbara Bieszczat
Holy Trinityfin. 1934, 1934, 41Erie PAJennifer Wellman, Mitchelle Kmiec, Deloris Cieslewicz
Holy Trinity1936Fall River MADeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Trinity1941Hatfield MADeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Trinity1955Lawrence MADeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Trinity1929Lowell MaDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Trinity1955Pine Grove WiDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Trinity1935Troy NYDeloris Cieslewicz
Holy Trinityfin. 1935, 46Utica MYJennifer Wellman, Deloris Cieslewicz
Immaculate Conception1932, 57Chicago ILBarbara Bieszczat. Theodore Fody
Immaculate Conception1926Conshohocken PADeloris Cieslewicz
Immaculate Conception1969Detroit MIDeloris Cieslewicz
Immaculate Conception1946Omaha NECarolyn Bradley
Immaculate Conception1936Southington CTDeloris Cieslewicz
Immaculate Conception1933Watervliet NYDeloris Cieslewicz
Immaculate Conception BVM1944Panna Maria TXMitchelle Kmiec
Immaculate Heart of Mary1920Pittsburgh PADennis Palaski
Mother of Consolation1915, 42, 47Mt. Carmel PABonnie Wallave
Nativity of BVMfin. 1930, 48Lorain OHJennifer Wellman, Deloris Cieslewicz
Our Lady of Bright Mountain1958Los Angeles CADeloris Cieslewicz
Our Lady of Czestochowa1971Brooklyn NYDeloris Cieslewicz
Our Lady of Czestochowa1956Doylestown PATheodore Fody
Our Lady of Czestochowa1957Quidnick RIDeloris Cieslewicz
Our Lady of Czestochowa1933St Louis MODeloris Cieslewicz
Our Lady of Czestochowa1959Turner Falls MADeloris Cieslewicz
Our Lady of Czestochowa1946South Plainfield NJDeloris Cieslewicz
Our Lady of Jasna Gora1964Clinton MADeloris Cieslewicz
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel1938, 48Bayonne NJDeloris Cieslewicz
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel1949Wyandoote MIDeloris Cieslewicz
Our Lady of Perpetual Help1930New Bedford MADeloris Cieslewicz
Our Lady of Perpetual Hel1935New London CTCarolyn Bradley
Our Lady Queen of Apostles1942, 67Hamtramck MI Deloris Cieslewicz
Panna Maria1966Panna Maria TXDeloris Cieslewicz
Queen of Peace 1930, 70Buffalo MYDeloris Cieslewicz
Resurrection1931Detroit MIDeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart1938Clifton Heights PADeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart1929Detroit MI Deloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart1934, 58Easthampton MADeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart1937, 62Greenfield MADeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart1943Hudson Heights NJDeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart1938, 63LaPorte INDeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart1944New Britian CTDeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart1957, fin. 64/65, 82Swedesburg PAJennifer Wellman, Deloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart1939Two Rivers WIDeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart of Jesusfin. 1940Bridgeport PADeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart of Jesusfin. 1930, 41Cleveland OHJennifer WEllman, Deloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart of Jesus1927DuPont PA Bonnie Wallace
Sacred Heart of Jesus1935Irvington NJDeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart of Jesus1944Manville NJDeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart of Jesus1928, 37, 67Port Chester NYDeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart of Jesus1911, 42Syracuse NYDeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart Jesus & Mary1935Scranton PABonnie Wallace
Sacred Heart of Mary1949, 65Detroit MIDeloris Cieslewicz
Sacred Heart of Mary1936, 61Weirton PADeloris Cieslewicz, Celeste Stephen Magers
Transfiguration1961Chicago ILCarolyn Bradley
Transfiguration1957Hazelton PAJames Pollick
Transfiguration1940Mt. Pleasant PADeloris Cieslewicz
SS. Cyril & Methodius1937, 42Brooklyn NJDeloris Cieslewicz, Barbara Bieszczat
SS. Cyril & Methodius1937Hartford CTBob Postula
SS. Cyril & Methodius1934, 59Lemont ILDeloris Cieslewicz
SS. Cyril & Methodiusfin. 1928Milwaukee WIDeloris Cieslewicz
SS. Cyril & Methodius1935McKees Rocks PADeloris Cieslewicz
SS. Peter & Paul1934Avoca PABonnie Wallace
SS. Peter & Paul1926Duluth MNDeloris Cieslewicz
SS. Peter & Paulfin. 1934Garfield Heights OHDeloris Cieslewicz
SS. Peter & Paul1925Independence WIDeloris Cieslewicz
SS. Peter & Paul1998Plains PaBonnie Wallace
SS. Peter & Paul1941, 60Scranton PABonnie Wallace
SS. Peter & Paul1937ST. Clair PADeloris Cieslewicz
SS. Peter & Paul1927, 55Three Rivers MADeloris Cieslewicz
SS. Peter & Paul1975Wallingford CTCarolyn Bradley
SS. Philip & James1928, 47New Castle PaDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Adalbert1934Berea OH Deloris Cieslewicz
St. Adalbert1936Buffalo NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Adalbert1924, 47, 74Chicago ILDeloris Cieslewicz, Theodore Fody
St. Adalbert1920Detroit MIKrystyna Bressani
St. Adalbert1930East St. Louis ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Adalbert1939, 64Glen Lyon PA Bonnie Wallace
St. Adalbert1930Elizabeth NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Adalbert1959Milwaukee WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Adalbert1909, 29, 79Philadelphia PADeloris Cieslewicz, Connie Rawa
St. Adalbert1915, 33, 83Pittsburgh pADeloris Cieslewicz, Connie Rawa
St. Adalbert1978Schenectady NYKaren Johanson
St. Adalbert1939St. Louis MODeloris Cieslewicz
St. Adalbert1926, 35, 60South Bend INDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Adalbert1951Staten Island NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Adalbert1997Toleddo OHDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Adalbert1927Whiting INDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Adalbert1973Detroit MI Deloris Cieslewicz
St. Andrew1963Calumet City ILDavid Piekarczyk
St. Ann1978Chicago, ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Ann1934, 36, 44, 74Frackville PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Ann1942Jersey City NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Anthony1934, 42Jersey City NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Anthony1939Millmont, Reading PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Anthony1964Reading PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Anthony1941Willimansette MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Anthony of Padua1934, 59Troop PADeloris Cieslewicz, Jennifer Wellman
St. Barbara1935, fin. 38 & 58, 60, 85Chicago ILDeloris Cieslewicz, Barbara Bieszczat, Jennifer Wellman
St. Barbara1934Dearborn MIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Barbara1928, 53 Lackawanna NYRobert Postula, Deloris Cieslewicz
St. Barbara1974Milwaukee WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Blase1939Argo ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Bronislawa1978Chicago ILTed Froy
St. Camillus1971Chicago ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1929Baltimore MDDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1976Brooklyn NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1940, 65Chicago ILTheodore Fody
St. Casimirfin. 1929 & 34, 42Cleveland OHDeloris Cieslewicz, Jennifer Wellman
St. Casimir1932Detroit MICeil Jensen
St. Casimir1961Freeland PABonnie Wallace
St. Casimir1940Hammond INDavid Piekarczyk
St. Casimir1971Hull WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1952Johnstown PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1952Kenosha WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1928, 53, 78Krakow WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1935Kulpmont PA Deloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1920Leavenworth KSDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1934Mahanoy City PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1937Maynard MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1944, 69Milwaukee WI Deloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1939New Bedford MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1943Northeim WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1949South Bend INDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1939St Louis MODeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1942St. Paul MNBarbara Sabal
St. Casimir1941Terryville CTDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1953Wells MNDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1955Winona MNDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1940, 75Buffalo NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1928Krakow WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1978Endicott NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1903, 05, 28, 34, 50, 75Yonkers NYDeloris Cieslewicz, Jennifer Wellman
St. Casimirfin. 1924, 27, 36 & 40Youngstown OHDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Casimir1947Shenandoah PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Constance1941, 66Chicago ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Cyprian1940, 45Pittsburgh PADennis Palaski
St. Fidelis1936, 62Chicago ILCarolyn Bradley
St. Florian1958, 83Hamtramck MIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Florian1939Hegewisch ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Francis1940Detroit MICeil Jensen
St. Francis1924Omaha NEDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hedwig1937, 39Cambridge MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hedwig1938, 63, 73, 78Chicago ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hedwig1928, 78Detroit MIRobert Postual
St. Hedwig1937Dunkirk NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hedwig1940Duquesne PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hedwig1950Elizabeth NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hedwig1933, 42Gary INDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hedwig1932, 34Harlem NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hedwig2001Kingston PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hedwig1937Philadelphia PABarbara Bieszczat
St. Hedwig1927, 52South Bend INRobert Postula
St. Hedwig1968Southbridge MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hedwig1914, fin. 15, 29, 44St. Louis MODeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hedwig1966Thorp WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hedwig1939Trenton NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. HedwigHarlem NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Helen1936Chicago IL Deloris Cieslewicz
St. Hyacinth1944Chicago ILRita M. Mathis
St. Hyacinth1933, 81Cleveland OHDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hyacinth1925, 50LaSalle ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hyacinth1934, 58Milwaukee WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hyacinth1958, 59Monessen PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hyacinth1928Patterson NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hyacinth1941Pittsburgh PADennis Palaski
St. Hyacinth1960Toledo OHDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Hyacinth1931West Auburn NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Ignatius Loyola1977Carnegie PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Isidore1950Blue Island ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. James the Apostle1965Chicago ILBarbara Bieszczat
St. John Cantius1910, 18, 32, 37, 43, 44, 68, 93Chicago ILCynthia Piech, Barbara Bieszczat
St. John Cantius1926, 50, 98Cleveland OHDeloris Cieslewicz
St. John Cantius1937, 85Clifton NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. John Cantius1952Detroit MIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. John Cantius1929Indiana Harbor INDeloris Cieslewicz
St. John Cantius1983Ivanhoe (Wilno) MNDeloris Cieslewicz
St. John Cantius1932Milwaukee WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. John Cantius1917, 42Philadelphia PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. John the Evangelist1951Latrobe PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. John of God1935, 57, 82Chicago ILBarbara Bieszczat, Cynthia Piech, Christine Bucko
St. John the Baptist1963Menasha WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. John Gualbert1927Buffalo NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. John Kanty1917, 42Buffalo NYDeloris Cieslewicz,
St. Josaphat1934, 59, 83Chicago ILChristine Bucko, Deloris Cieslewicz, Barbara Bieszczat
St. Josaphat1929Detroit MIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Josaphat1927, 52Pittsburgh, PADennis Palaski
St. Josaphat1976, 88Milwaukee WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Josaphat Basilica1951Ansonia CTDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Joseph1931, 57, 81Central Falls RIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Joseph1930Chicago Heights ILChristine Bucko
St. Joseph1926Claremont NHDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Joseph2002Denver COBonnie Wallace
St. Joseph1937Everson PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Joseph1933, 58Gardner MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Joseph1910Glenville SDDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Joseph1909, 34Manistee MIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Joseph1955, 62Norwich CTDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Joseph1942Passaic NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Joseph1977Peabody MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Joseph1958Rockville CTCarolyn Bradley
St. Joseph1940, 1950Uniontown PADeloris Cieslewicz, Jennifer Wellman
St. Joseph1964Wyoming PABonnie Wallace
St. Joseph1957Central Falls RIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. JosephFlorida NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Joseph1942, 67Camden NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Joseph ConventOpening dedic. 1967Stevens Point WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Kunegunda1932Detroit MIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Ladislaus1939, 56, 57, 64Chicago ILDeloris Cieslewicz, Carolyn Bradley, Jennifer Wellman
St. Ladislaus1970 Hamtramck MiDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Ladislaus1968Natrona PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Ladislaus1931Philadelphia PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Ladislaus1928, 65Hempstead NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Ladislausfin. 1935, 38, 39Wheeling WVMitchelle Kmiec, Deloris Cieslewicz
St. Laurentius1932, 57Philadelphia PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Louis the King1948Detroit MIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary1938Clinton MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary1954McKeesport PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary1953Middletown CTDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary1923, 48Otis INDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary1941Pilzno NEDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary1960Plymouth PABonnie Wallace
St. Mary1927, 30Ware MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary1960New York Mills NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary1938Reading PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary of the Angels1924, 34, 49, 53, 59, 65, 74Chicago ILDeloris Cieslewicz, Theodore Fody, Jennifer Wellman
St. Mary of the Angels1954Green Bay WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary of Czestohowa1924, fin. 37, 49Blossburg PADeloris Cieslewicz, Jennifer Wellman
St. Mary of Czestohowa1936Cardale PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary of Czestohowa1920, 45, 70 Cicero ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary of Czestohowa1964Cleveland OHDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary of Czestohowa1938, 63Hammond INDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary of Czestohowafin. 1937McKeesport PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary of Czestohowa1956, 57Milwaukee WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary of Czestohowa1939Turner Falls MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary of Czestohowa1953Worcrester MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary of the Maternity1935Wilkes Barre PABonnie Wallace
St. Mary of Perpetual Help1936, 86Chicago ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Mary Magdalenefin. 1943, 60Chicago ILDeloris Cieslewicz, Jennifer Wellman
St. Mary's School1976South River NJ Barbara Bieszczat
St. Mary's Visitation1961, fin. 64Dickson City PABonnie Wallace, Deloris Cieslewicz
St. Michael1942Chicago ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Michael1960Haverville MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Michael1956Lynn MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Michael1944Muskegon MIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Michael1931Tarnow NEDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Michael the Archangel1949Bridgeport CTDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Michael the Archangel1924Radon INDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Michael the Archangel1930W. Northampton PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Pancratius1949, 59, 99Chicago ILJohn Cagney
St. Paul1946Milwaukee WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Peter1926, 51, fin. 1939Stevens Point WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Peter and Paul1934Buffalo NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Roman1939Chicago ILBarbara Bieszczat
St. Salomei1923Kensington ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus1966Ambridge PA Deloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus1931Baltimore MDDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus1955Chelsea MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus1973Cleveland OHDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus1934Lorain OHDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus1941Milwaukee WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus1933, 58Nashau NHDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus1939Newark NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus1943, 49New Haven CTMitchelle Kmiec, Carolyn Bradley
St. Stanislaus1973Ozone NYBarbara Bieszczat
St. Stanislaus1941, 66Philadelphia PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus1937Pine Island NYDeloris Cieslewicz, Christine Bucko
St. Stanislaus1925South Bend INDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus1916, 51Superior WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus1948Buffalo NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislausfin. 1941Shamokin PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus1921Amsterdam NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1923, 33Buffalo NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1930Chelsea MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1943, 54, 68Chicago ILChristine Bucko, Barbara Bieszczat
St. Stanislaus B & M1916, 35, 41, 66Chicopee MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1931Cleveland OHDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1923Detroit MIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1959Deerfield MADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1924, fin. 29, 50, 75East Chicago INDeloris Cieslewicz, Karen Johanson
St. Stanislaus B & M1958Hofa Park WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1950Kankakee ILRay Palinski
St. Stanislaus B & M1937, 42Meriden CTDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1916, 66, 91Milwaukee WIJerry Dominski, Deloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1950, 75, 2000Nanticoke PADeloris Cieslewicz, Mitchelle Kmiec
St. Stanislaus B & M1938New Haven CTDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1924, 69Posen ILDeloris Cieslewicz, David Piekarczyk
St. Stanislaus B & M1928Steubenville OHDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1949Trenton NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1963West Warren MIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1924, 49, 54New York NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus B & M1941Philadelphia PADeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus Kostka1931Baltimore MDKrystyna Bressani
St. Stanislaus Kostka1925Bay City MIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus Kostka1904, 33, 46, 71Brooklyn NYKrystyna Bressani
St. Stanislaus Kostka1917, 28, 35, 41, 42, 52, 57, 62, 67Chicago ILB. Bieszczat, C. Bradley, D. Cieslewicz, S. Schmidt, J. Wellman, K. Johanson
St. Stanislaus Kostka1941Sharon PAJohn Cagney
St. Stanislaus Kostka1968Garfield NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus Kostka1936Minersville PABonnie Wallace
St. Stanislaus Kostka1901Pittsburgh PA Dennis Palaski
St. Stanislaus Kostka1937, 62Rockford ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus Kostka1941Sharon PAJohn Cagney
St. Stanislaus Kostka1930, 80, 2005St. Louis MODeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus Kostka1963Waterbury CTDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus Kostka1933, 58Wilkes Barre PABonnie Wallace
St. Stanislaus Kostka1963Wilmington DEDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus Kostka1948, 71Winona MNDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus Kostka1964Sayreville NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus Kostka1967Niagara Falls NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stanislaus Kostkafin. 1923, 26 & 39Youngstown OHJennifer Wellman, Deloris Cieslewicz
St. Stephen1928, 53Patterson NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Stephen1902, 1942-Bk1, 1942-Bk2Perth Amboy NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Susanna1958Harvey ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Turibius1977Chicago ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Valentine1949Bloomfield NJDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Valentine1936, 61Cicero, ILDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Valentine1940, 66Bronx NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Valentine1945Buffalo NYDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Vincent de Paul1938, 63Milwaukee WIDeloris Cieslewicz
St. Wenceslaus1942, 62Chicago ILCarolyn Bradley, Theodore Fody

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