News and Updates

2022-08-08 – Added to Research Sources – Links to Belarusian archives
2022-08-08 – Added to Research Sources – Links to Ukrainian archives
2022-08-01 – RODZINY – Summer issue now available on the site to members for viewing or downloading
2022-07-26 – Added to Education Section, Polish Culture – Podhale…Rural Life (Video)– A personal encounter with the old ways that are fading into memory
2022-06-30 – Added to Education Section, Polish Culture – Polish Skansen – Links to 32 Polish open-air ethnographic and folk museums
2022-06-29 – Added to Education Section – Outline of Polish census sources from pre-partition to today
2022-06-28 – Added to Education Section – WW1 Guide to researching US records
2022-06-27 – Added to Research Sources – 814 US Polish churches sorted by Founding Date and by State-City
2022-06-08 – Added to Surname Databases – Kaszubian Migration Project: Surnames by settlement location with information about the individual
2022-06-07 – Added to Education Section – Two Instructional Videos on researching Polish records
2022-06-01 – AUGUST 21 MEETING – Members Sharing Knowledge…Send Us Your Questions — Register from the home page
2022-04-16 – Added to Surname Databases – 1950 Census data index for St. Hedwig Orphanage, Niles, Cook County Illinois
2022-04-16 – Added to Surname Databases – Searchable database of church metrical records across Lithuania
2022-04-16 – Added to Research Sources – “Village Search”, Tsarist inhabited places list in Suwałki Governorate with Lithuanian & Russian spellings and variations
2022-04-16 – Added to Research Sources – Under “Village Search”, viewable church records for the Biržai and Zarasai regions of Lithuania
2022-03-19 – Added to Research Sources – US National Archives Access to Archive Databases, Directory or State Archive, Russian Archives
2022-03-14 – Added to Research Sources – Village locators for Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia; plus the Lithuanian Global Genealogy Society
2022-03-08 – Added to Surname Databases – Searchable cemeteries in Grajewo, Poland, and Belarus
2022-03-07 – Added to Maps – Map collections for Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus
2022-03-02 – Added to Research Sources – Maps: – Foundation for East European Family History Studies (FEEFHS) map library
2022-02-10 – Added to Lithuania Surname Databases: – 2 searchable sites covering several Lithuanian cemeteries
2022-02-10 – Added to Research Sources – Lithuanian village and town locator – In the Geography section
2022/02/02 – Added to US-Illinois Surname Databases – Illinois Polish Military Alliance Battalion (WW I), 396 officers and men with rank and company assignment
2022/02/01 – Added to the Education Section – Video on Preserving Your Precious Documents & Photos