Polish Military Alliance

by James J. Czuchra
The Polish Military Alliance Battalion was, from what I gather, a paramilitary organization which later functioned under the Illinois Volunteer Training Corps (IVTC), a state agency. The batallions that made up the Corps served as the reserve state militia. During World War I, the state National Guards were called upon to send troops for the war effort. This left the state depleted of a militia “to quell disorder and preserve the public peace within the boundaries of the State.” The members of the Polish battalion did not receive money from the state for uniforms, so they held a fundraising ball, one held January 9, 1918. Irene-Aimee Depke’s ancestor was a part of this battalion and had a program booklet from the ball. It includes advertising of sponsors, photos of battalion leaders, names of battalion members, and a brief history of the Polish Military Alliance. If this topic interests you, check further with the Illinois state archives about IVTC since they have additional documents regarding training schedules and commissions.

Since E. Stanley Madal was Irene-Aimee Depke’s ancestor, page 13 had be removed and only a photocopy of the page was now available. Page 14 which presumably only had advertising on it is also missing. Thanks go to Irene-Aimee Depke for sharing this program with us.