As a service to our visitors, we list the following genealogical researchers and guides who are located in Poland. This listing does not constitute an endorsement, but these are professionals who have supported PGSA though articles, lectures, tours and other assistance, and about whom we have received positive reports from members and non-members who utilized their services. You, the consumer, must perform the proper due diligence to determine which, if any, meet your needs, expectations and price considerations.

All of the following researchers investigate vital records. Additionally listed are any special research capabilities they offer. Furthermore, it is noted where researchers specialize in particular geographic areas.

We appreciate feedback. If you do not receive a response from your communications, please let us know. If you have any difficulties, it is important to inform us. Of course, we gladly welcome your testimonial from rewarding experiences.

Polish Origins

Research and Tours
Contact:Zenon Znamirowski
Email:[email protected]
Phone(s):+48 664-407-089
Note(s):PGSA tour partner and sponsor of the PGSA Genealogy Notebook e-newsletter
Geographic Coverage:Poland, Western Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Slovakia
Additional Services:- Experienced team of genealogists, archivists, guides & ethnographers can provide more than vital records
- Several team members are located in the area in which they specialize
- Strong relationships with institutions in neighboring countries

Discovering Roots

Research and Tours

Contact:Kasia Grycza, Łukasz Bielecki
Email:[email protected]
Phone(s):+48 606-894-680
+48 514-700-914
Note(s):PGSA tour partner and developer/manager of the Poznan Project index
Geographic Coverage:Poland, especially the Prussian partition with added emphasis on the Poznań and Greater Poland region
Additional Services:- Jewish research including Holocaust records
- Locate and interview living relatives
- Photograph ancestral villages
- Probate research

Iwona Dakiniewicz

Research and Tours

Contact:Iwona Dakiniewicz
Email:[email protected]
Note(s):Columnist in the journal of the PGSA, "Rodziny", for 20+ years
Geographic Coverage:Research: All of Poland
Tours: 100-120 mile radius from Łódż
Additional Services:- Civil, church and military records
- Tax Records


Research and Tours

Contact:Aleksandra Kacprzak
Email:[email protected]
Phone(s):+48 514-156-407
Note(s):Speaker at 2019 PGSA conference
Founder and Board Member of the Association of Professional Polish Genealogists
Geographic Coverage:Russian and Austrian partitions of Poland
Additional Services:- Search for living relatives
- Village archival research
- Cadastral maps
- Assists US attorneys to locate heirs in Poland for unclaimed estate property of those with Polish roots who die intestate or no local heirs

Your Roots in Poland

Research and Tours
Contact:Kinga Urbańska
Email:[email protected]
Phone(s):+48 572-683-144
+48 606-894-680
Geographic Coverage:Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine
Additional Services:- Nobility documentation
- Census and school records
- Land/Tax/Military/Estate records
- Cadastral maps

Laimonas Gryva

Research only
Location:Vilnius, Lithuania
Contact:Laimonas Gryva
Email:[email protected]
Phone(s):+370 6164-2844
Note(s):Researcher/genealogist at the Lithuanian National Archives in Vilnius who was awarded recognition for his archival and research services
Geographic Coverage:Lithuania
Additional Services:- Access to the full range of records available at the National Archives

Kasia Rutkowska

Research and Tours
Contact:Kasia Rutkowska
Email:[email protected]
Geographic Coverage:Tours cover the Poznań area in the west; central Poland including Płock and Warsaw; to eastern Poland including Łomza, Mława, Podlasie region, Lublin; plus Podkarpackie.
Additional Services:Research focus is on vital and immigration record.
Also provides photography services of ancestral villages and cemeteries.

Ancestral Tourism

Research and Tours
Contact:Daniel Paczkowski
Email:[email protected]
Phone(s):+48 787-691-607
Geographic Coverage:- All of Poland, with emphais on the Northeastern region (Warminsko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie, Lubelskie, Mazowieckie), plus genealogical research (but no tours) in Belarus and Lithuania.
- Some family name lists available to search are found via the Database tab on his website.
Additional Services:- Locate living relatives
- Cemetery grave searches
- For those who cannot travel, the creation of a video of your ancestral village(s); quick introductory video: https://youtu.be/SF26uM3Nz9g
- Notary and court documents
- Assist Polish Origins in northeastern Poland

Dorota Walker

Research only
Location:Ustroń, Silesia, 60 miles SW of Kraków
Contact:Dorota Walker
Email:[email protected]
Phone(s):+48 609-466-609
Note(s):Master of Arts in History/Archival Studies and over 10 years as a researcher at the British Library in London
Geographic Coverage:150 mile radius from her Silesian location
Additional Services:- Lutheran records
- German roots in Silesia
- Czech cross-border records
- WWII & Soviet period records
- Local archives

Genealogy Tours

Research and Tours

Contact:Tomasz Szymkowiak
Email:[email protected]
Phone(s):+48 601-942-018
Note(s):PGSA tour partner and Rodziny columnist
Geographic Coverage:Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus
Additional Services:- Locate & interview living relatives
- Locate an original house or property and provide a current photo
- Interview local inhabitants who might have known your ancestors
- Find cemetery & graves of ancestors

Guiding Poland

Research and Tours
Contact:Grażyna Rychlik
Email:[email protected]
Phone(s):+48 604-229-479
Note(s):2022 PGSA conference presenter
Geographic Coverage:Genealogical research across the historic borders of Poland.
Additional Services:In addition to vital records, can translate cadastral, notary, military and estate records from Polish, Russian, Latin and German.