Memoirs of a Peasant – From Serfdom to Present Day

Written by Jan Słomka – Translated by William F. Hoffman

Published in Poland in 1929, this memoir was written by a peasant who served for years as the administrator of his Galician village. Słomka (1842-1932) paints a graphic picture of every aspect of life – from what villagers ate to how they dressed, from their role as little more than draft animals to developing a social awareness, and living through WWI.  As an eyewitness to history he saw his village people move from subservience under Austro-Hungarian rule to living in a free Poland.

The extensive information Słomka provides is today referenced and quoted by historians, scholars, and genealogy storytellers.Through his eyes you can experience vicariously the lives of of your Polish ancestors.

William F. Hoffman (Rodziny editor) has painstakingly translated this book into contemporary English, annotating and explaining vintage references.

6 x 9 Paperback

493 Pages


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