Research – Maps

Google Maps – Searchable by City and Village
Mapa Szukacz – Polish mapping searchable by City and Village with more detail than Google maps

Archiwum Map Zachodniej Polski – Highly detailed topographic maps of western Poland from 1920s to 1940s
Austrian Military Maps circa 1910 – Central Europe, highly detailed topographic maps
Gesher Galicia Map Room – 18th & 19th century general, cadastral, city and other maps
Historical Maps of Galicia – 1775 to 1918, from Forgotten Galicia
Kresy & other Poland – Detailed, scalable maps located by drill-down or name search
Levanthal Collection – Polish collection plus other countries
Library of Congress – Polish Map Collection
Lithuanian Maps – Very large collection organized by spans if years and other filters
Lithuania mid/late 19th century – Schubert’s map of eastern Imperial Russia, in Russian; Vilnius is in sector 13-4
Mapster – Reymann topographic maps, 19th century
Mapster – 1924-29 topographic maps
Old Maps Online – Huge collection of historical maps from various sources, start by entering a country in “Find a Place”
Topographic Maps of Eastern Europe – Highly detailed topographic maps of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Tsarist Russia & Jewish Pale Settlements