Research – Surname Distribution

These sites utilize public records to develop a mapping of surnames in Poland. This can be an aid for locating where ancestors possibly originated, especially those with an uncommon or unusual surname. It could also indicate when a surname is highly localized, especially if derived from the name of a village, estate or geographic landmark.
While there certainly is good degree of overlapping of data sources, different sites will employ different sets of data and analysis to create their results. Thus, one cannot consider any particular site to provide complete coverage. Compare the results from each site to identify the areas reflected in multiple sites, and examine closely singular results. Some of the differences can also be attributed to differing time periods.

Mapa Nazwisk – Circles on map of Poland indicate locations and by size the frequency

Nazwiska Polskie – Search by surname entry or scroll a list by selecting a letter. A map is generated with the number of matches at each location

Rymut Surname Distribution, Kraków 1992 РAlphabetical list in 10 volumes with totals by province (in Polish)

Forebears – Frequency and statistics about a surname from across the world