Research – Village Search

This page collects databases searchable by village, town and city name to find its location. Some of these sources provide alternative names, especially when the location was known by a different name during the period of partition. Examples from the German/Prussian partition: Breslau/Wrocław and Kolmar/Chodzież.

Polish Place Names – Over 102,000 in alphabetical order with the Gmina, Powiat and Województwo in which it is located (2019 edition)
JewishGen Shtetl Finder – Extensive, multi-country, searchable index of locations
Kartenmeister – German site with English version for western Poland       Scroll to the bottom of the page to enter search data
Kartenmeister Equivalent Town Names – German alphabetical matching Polish
Kartenmeister Equivalent Town Names – Polish alphabetical matching German

Słownik Geograficzny Translations – Selected locations made over time in publications, especially the PGSA Rodziny
JRI-Poland Town List – Towns in alphabetical order with alternate name, province and coordinates


Galician Administrative Districts – District, Sub-District and Current Country in which it is found

Directory of Towns, Cities and Regions – Select by the first letters to present a list with additional information about the location